Animal Eviction

Raccoon eviction Liquid

This product causes a biological instinctual reaction in female raccoons to flee an area where she is denning, many times taking her young with her. Evict liquid is a naturally occurring glandular based product, and it is no more a repellent (nor should it be classed as such) than coyote urine to a coyote! If you have experienced a denning mother raccoon in your attic with young pups, trapping may not be as effective because the pups are too young. In this situation, Raccoon eviction liquid may be a smarter choice. Our licensed trapper will give you his professional opinion when he has completed his initial inspection.

If you do choose to go with the evict liquid, it is imperative that the entry ways for the raccoons are properly sealed as soon as the raccoons vacate the attic.


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