Animal in Kitchen Vent

Animal in my Kitchen Vent

Does your kitchen vent make unusual noises? Chances are, you probably have an animal in there. Wild animals seem to always find their way in and usually require some assistance on exiting. We humanely remove animals in this exact situation by hand. We will safely remove parts of the vent so that we can access the distressed animal. From there it may get interesting depending on what kind of animal is actually in there. Once we access the animal, we will remove it. Sometimes we are able to remove it by hand. Other times we may use a snare, net or another trapping tool to assist us with the live, wild animal removal. Once the animal is safely removed, we can do an inspection of the property to see where it got in and repair any opening or entry point that it may have used. Once this repair is done you can enjoy your house again confident in knowing that no more wild animals will be in the kitchen. In most cases it is a job that can be performed and completed within the hour.

Sometimes, it can be a deceased animal. Like I mentioned above, wild animals may need some help getting out of places they got into. Sometimes that help doesn't come and unfortunately they die. With a dead animal removal it is a process similar to removing a live animal. The only difference is you have a terrible odor in your home. We can use the strength of the odor to help us locate the dead animal, remove it and treat the area where it died. If the odor is really strong we can use our deodorizing machine so the smell dissipates a lot faster.

In some cases, we get animals in the chimney or flue. If we can't get it from inside, we will go into the chimney and try to remove it that way. If we have to cut into walls and remove it, that's also a possibility. Every situation is unique and our trappers will do an inspection and take the best course of action to remove the animal. If it isn't a dead animal, in our inspection we will determine what kind of animal issue that you're experiencing. A lot of times it's a rat problem. Rat's are everywhere. There is no way around them. The only thing you can do is to make sure your home is animal-proofed or completely sealed.

In providing rat trapping and removal services, we give you a thorough inspection of the entire property (homes, apartments, condos, businesses, schools, churches, etc…). We will locate any and all points of entry and give you a quote to repair the aforementioned entry points. This is the most critical part of a rat job. This way, whatever animals are outside are kept out and the animals that are inside are forced to go for the traps because that is the only available food source. After these steps have been completed it's only a matter of time before your problem is eliminated.

If it's not a rat problem it could be a bird, squirrel, opossum, raccoon or any other wild animal. Bird control is another issue that we handle on a daily basis. We can setup humane traps and remove them, build a custom deterrent, lay spikes down, or spray an effective deterrent that will make them uncomfortable and keep them off of your property. If it is a bird that is in your kitchen vent, we can humanely remove it by hand and set it free in a safe environment.

Squirrels seem to contort their bodies to fit anywhere and they are excellent climbers and very quick. We have humane squirrel traps and they are extremely effective at catching nuisance squirrels. We trap and remove squirrels for our customers all the time. Our traps are humane. Whatever animal is trapped in there will not be harmed in any way, shape or form and our traps are extremely easy to use.

Opossums and raccoons are very similar to squirrels when it comes to trapping. We do remove these animals either with snares or by hand depending on the situation. They both are terrific climbers and also contort their bodies to fit in places you would think were impossible. If you suspect any animals in your home or even the kitchen vent let a professional take care of it for you. These situations can be very dangerous. Please exercise extreme caution when attempting to remove a wild animal in a tight spot or just call us and we'll take care of it in a safe and timely manner.


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