Dead Animal

These photos of a dead skunk, and it's final resting place, show just how difficult it can be to remove an animal which has died under a house. We had to cut through a wall and floor and then excavate under a cement slab in order to extricate this little guy.

Most dead animals are not this hard to locate and remove, but when you've got a stinky skunk stuck under a building the smell could last a year or even longer before everything dries up and goes away. Even a dead opossum, cat or raccoon can get pretty smelly and take months for the smell to go away.

Usually these critters get under a building through a broken out sub vent or crawl space cover that has been left off. They are generally seeking shelter and a place to have their babies. If they get sick or injured they will try to get under a building and hide so as not to become a target for a predator animal.

After we have located and removed the poor unfortunate creature we spray disinfectant and deodorizer and make repairs to the building where they entered. We also perform a full inspection of the property to insure that there are no other points of entry.

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