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When animals live in an attic, they leave waste deposits behind. This can include urine, feces, fur, body oils, nesting material, food, and more. This can create an odor problem in your home, but worse, can be unsanitary or even a biohazard. Many animal droppings can cause human diseases such as Leptospirosis, and Salmonellosis. The Rickettsia virus, or even roundworm infection are potential risks. In addition droppings can grow mold, and this can lead to lung infections such as histoplasmosis. This is particularly true with large accumulations of droppings from birds or bats.

Wild animals can also bring in parasites such as fleas, ticks, mites, and more. In addition, when an animal leaves its scent in an attic, it can actually attract other wildlife - big animals may try to break in if they smell the scent of mice or rats, and rodents often leave a pheromone scent behind that will call in new rodents. For all of these reasons, it's a good idea to have your attic cleaned. This could be as simple as the removal of waste and a decontamination spray, to a full insulation removal and replacement in the case of very heavy soilage. Ask your ACAT expert about attic cleanup if you've had animals living in the attic.


Most of the time, the animals that are causing a problem are causing damage of some sort. For example, the squirrels living in your attic are doing more than just making noise. They probably chewed part of your roof open in order to gain access, and then once inside, chewed on woodwork or wires. Or if you've got raccoons in your attic, they might have torn several large holes in the roof, or torn up all the ductwork inside.

A very important part of the wildlife control profess involves identification of these damaged areas, and their repair. If you don't fix the hole that the raccoons have made, what's to keep future animals from entering the attic via that same hole? Your Trapper will be able to identify areas where animals have already damaged your property, as well as the areas that may need some work to prevent any future break-ins or destruction by the animals.

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